Don't Get Screwed Over
marketing campaign

"Don't Get Screwed Over" was a campaign and microsite created for NYC startup Docracy, whose website houses free open-source legal documents.

To really get Docracy's name out there, our challenge was to find a fun and "famous" way to show the need for legal docs. We chose to target the creative freelance community, a group not unfamiliar with the ins and outs of using contracts for business. Many freelancers have been (or possibly will be) burned from not using legal documents...and we set up a social experiment to show the world how that can feel.

The video received over 250k views within the first few days of being uploaded. We directed viewers to the microsite (no longer live), which provided more information about Docracy and their services, as well as a section with tips on how not to get screwed over in certain scenarios, complete with links to actual legal documents on Docracy's website.

Overall, the campaign was a success. We were able to boost Docracy's user registration during the campaign by over 300% compared to the two weeks before the video and website were launched. Docracy (and Don't Get Screwed Over) received tons of attention on Twitter and Facebook, as well as a few write-ups within the online design community, placing them at the center of an online discussion about contracts and resources for freelancers.

RECOGNITION: Fast Company, The Freelancer's Union, Agency Spy

We created a video where we set up a table in Washington Square Park, and asked passersby to make us a drawing in exchange for $5. homepage

"Tips" page - clicking the button would generate a new tip on how not to get screwed over in everyday life, which would link out to a relevant contract on Docracy's website.

Your roommate's little brother needs to crash on your couch for a little while. Six months or so should be good. (Don't get screwed over: Get a roommate agreement.)

You and your friend start a website that hugely explodes and then he kicks you out against your wishes (and Aaron Sorkin writes a movie about it). (Don't get screwed over: Get a founder collaboration agreement.)

Your new roommate has a lot of stuff. You'll just have to put your clothes, books, furniture, and dignity into storage. (Don't get screwed over: Get a roommate agreement.)