BaubleBar SWAT* Stylist Card
iconography & print design

At BaubleBar, we wanted to create business cards for the SWAT* (Service With Accessorizing Talent) Stylists. The cards needed to be straightforward in conveying the idea of what the SWAT* Stylists do: give jewelry styling tips, help you find the right pieces for any event or occasion. I decided to tell the basic elements of the story through icons that illustrate the steps:

1. A customer has a question on how to style their jewelry, or what jewelry to wear for an event

2. They contact a SWAT* Stylist (by live chat, email, video chat, or a phone call)

3. The SWAT* Stylist offers tips and answers

4. The customer is happy and feels fabulous, armed with a new look

Another challenge in this process was that in addition to the full-time SWAT* Stylists at BaubleBar, there are often temporary SWAT* Stylists for the offline pop-up events. To make it usable for all SWAT* team members, we left a space on the card where the stylist could sign their name and add additional information, rather than creating custom cards with each Stylist's name.